Celebrating a 40th Birthday with a Biplane Ride in So. California


Our new friend, J.J., drove from Big Bear to Compton (2 hours) for a biplane ride with us to celebrate her 40th birthday. Within minutes of take-off they were flying smooth scenic open-cockpit flying along the beautiful Palos Verdes Coastline’s clear blue waters. Hundreds of dolphins were spotted quickly, which they orbited above and observed them in a feeding frenzy.

Then it was time for the thrill-seekers aerobatics! Loops, hammerheads and spins! Woohoo, this isn’t for everyone, but J.J. was natural with it. At the top of the hammerhead manuver people feel weightless (zero G’s), then at the bottom they feel twice their body weight for a few seconds (two G’s).

Now, back to straight and level flying and a quick tour above the U.S.S. Iowa Battleship in Port of LA, San Pedro, CA.  Then enjoy the beautiful sights of Long Beach’s shoreline.  J.J. had a big grin the entire flight. Many memories were made on this special BiplaneFun flight.  An adventure (Bucket List) that she will enjoy sharing for years to come.