Located in Southern California!
Fly along the beautiful Pacific coastline of
Long Beach, Palos Verdes & Redondo Beach

Our World War II Biplane Rides are
for one person per flight.
Each passenger chooses from any or all of these options:
Aerobatic thrills, smooth scenic rides, and/or flight lesson.

Would you like to fly an open cockpit bi-plane along the coastline
of Redondo Beach,scenic Palos Verdes and Long Beach?
Then our World-War II Biplane Adventure is for you!
Fly this beautifully restored 1943 WWII Stearman Bi-Plane.
Your instructor will show you the basics, then release the controls to you.

You can thrill to aerobatics such as loops, rolls & spins?
Your pilot will perform as many aerobatic maneuvers as you desire.
Each flight is personally customized to any interest level.

To purchase a flight or purchase a gift certificate

call (562) 427-9433, or email rides@biplanefun.com


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